Thursday, October 22, 2015

Dave Bara proves that ignorance is a family trait

        Mike Bara, the world-renowned jetliner designer and predictor of all things alien on the Moon and Mars, has a twin brother, Dave. Dave is a small-world-renowned author of military SciFi, with two books published and a third in the works. One Amazon reviewer wrote of the latest:
"The eyerolling gave me a migraine and I had to put it down. With a shotgun."
        Oh, I'm being unkind -- the reverse of cherry-picking. Let's call it turd-picking -- the  reviews are actually 34% five-star, 27% one- and two-star.

        Anyway, the point is that brother Dave shares with brother Mike a very, very primitive knowledge of basic physics, and a near-zero understanding of orbital mechanics. Brother Mike, remember, once told us that in Earth orbit, gravity is negligible. In his latest book brother Dave has a synchronous satellite 300 miles above an Earth-like planet. Think about what that translates to in terms of the planet's rotational periodnote 1 -- oh, there I go turd-picking again.

Today Mike re-posted this to his book of faces:

A (not turd-picked) selection of comments:
Louisa Davenport: Forgetting and covering up is what NASA does best
Kimberly Reck: negligent amnesiac sneaky assholes
        See how well-trained at NASA-hatred Mike's fans are?
        See how pig-ignorant the whole bunch of them are, including the Bara dunces? They can't even tell the difference between ice and flowing water. Stop, stop, I beg you, Bara boys -- the eye-rolling is giving me migraine.

[thanks to Carol Behan for alerting me to this]

[1] It works out to be 98 minutes. WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!


Chris said...

It's quite nice to see that article, it shows the scientific method in action. Back then it was amazing that we had been able to analyse another planet for its chemical compounds, and the discovery of water in any form on Mars was tremendously exciting, opening up so many possibilities. Fast forward to now where we know pretty much for sure that water flowed, and still flows today, on Mars and we have laboratory-standard data and high-resolution images of the relevant formations from a robotic ecosystem on the surface and in orbit. A system we have put in place. From Earth. It's amazing.

Which it's why it's so depressing that we have pig-ignorant thick as shit fuckwits like the Bara clowns. Dave's stupid little pea brain has seen the word "water" and he's tried to score some points, failing laughably by getting it dead wrong. Then along comes his bozo brother, the self-acclaimed expert, and reposts it without even bothering to read it. Same old same old from this witless chump. And if he did bother to read it it's even more embarrassing as it means he failed to understand the difference between ice and flowing water. Just take that in for a moment. But then this is the genius who thinks sunlight reflects off the seabed and makes the ocean look blue and who doesn't understand big words like 'Perihelion'.

It's depressing not only because their useless comments disparage the work of those actual scientists who made this knowledge possible, but because lazy, witless fanbois and fangurls tack on their comments too, equally ignorant and unquestioning. Collectively they mock NASA, but not from a position of evidential strength and knowledge but from one of complete ignorance and ego. In reality they are unfit to mention the name NASA - they've put in zero work and simply haven't earned the right.

There is one glimmer of hope for Dave. Unlike his brother he is at least writing most of his mind-numblingly bad fiction intentionally.


Trekker said...

Didn't Mike also show his lack of understanding of geosynchronous orbits, when he claimed there were satellite dishes on the moon? He didn't seem to realize the fact that a geosynchronous satellite would have to orbit the moon at such an altitude that it would be immediately captured by earth's gravity and become a satellite of earth instead.

expat said...

Absolutely right, yes he did.

GFP2216 said...

There are always the Earth-Moon Lagrange points for a very limited system, I suppose.

GFP2216 said...

By the way, I was curious...

Can anyone get published these days? Because I have a few ideas about an ancient human civilization that built arcologies and hidden libraries throughout the solar system...

expat said...

You can get published but, unless you get a surprise hit, you can't make a living. Dave Bara, with only two books out there in three years, must have another source of income.