Friday, June 28, 2013

Vanity thy name is Bara

        Mike Bara didn't create the caption himself, but he liked it enough to make it his FartBook profile pic.

Today he also posted:
"I am truly impressed at the lengths some people will go to hate on me. I must be doing something right."

        No, Mike, you're doing something WRONG. Publishing utter nonsense.


Anonymous said...

After careful study I've concluded with 'stunning exquisite confirmation' that the Bara description is one-third correct. I've long since grown weary of his Hoagland trickle-down ass-hattery. Jerry.

Chris Lopes said...

Subtract a 3 letter word (that begins with a "b") from the caption and it's spot on.

Anonymous said...

If I may paraphrase Frank Norris 'McTeague'.

“His knowledge had been picked up in a haphazard way. He had learnt it after a fashion, mostly by watching a charlatan operate. He had read many of the necessary books, but he was too hopelessly stupid to get much benefit from them."

"Yet never had he been so excited; never had he made so long a speech. His arms moved in fierce, uncertain gestures, his face flushed, his enormous jaws shut together with a sharp click at every pause. It was like some colossal brute trapped in a delicate, invisible mesh, raging, exasperated, powerless to extricate himself.”


expat said...

I'm not sure, but his comment about hate might have been triggered by me reminding him of the ten errors he made in 'Ancient Aliens: The NASA Connection.' This is, of course, not a matter of hate but of truth.

00:45 "The Brookings Report said very specifically ... Don't tell anybody." It did not. The report recommended that the question of public dissemination of extraterrestrial intelligence _should_be_considered_, but it did not express any prejudicial opinion on the matter.

05:08 Farouk El-Baz picked all the Apollo landing sites, dates & times. Not true. Dr Farouk El-Baz was the Secretary of the Apollo Landing Site Selection Committee. As such, he was very influential over the actual landing sites, but not the dates and times. Those were dictated by technical factors unrelated to El-Baz's specialty, geology & selenology.

06:33 Orion on the horizon 33 minutes after Apollo 11 landing. It was not. See your own book, 'Dark Mission,' p.14.

06:44 Buzz Aldrin performed a ceremony 33 minutes after Apollo 11 landing. He did not. His ceremony, a catholic mass, was performed at MET 105:25:38, 2h 40m after landing. This can easily be checked in the official transcripts.

06:47 "...with Neil Armstrong." Not true. Armstrong took no part in the ceremony.

07:05 Catholic mass "has it's origins" in Egyptian ritual. It does not. Its origin is, of course, the last supper of Christ.

24:10 Kenneth Kleinknecht Head of the Mercury Program, the Apollo Program, the Gemini Program. Inaccurate. Kleinknecht was Manager of the Mercury Program, Deputy Manager of the Gemini Project Office and Manager for the Command and Service Modules in the Apollo Spacecraft Office.

26:04 "The only launch pad (at White Sands) is launch pad #33." Not true. There are Launch complexes designated LC-32, LC-35, LC-37, LC-38. Pad 33 was built by the US Army in 1945, 17 YEARS BEFORE NASA WAS ESTABLISHED. Thus it cannot possibly support the wild notion that NASA uses the number 33 in a ritualistic way.

27:26 "If you look at the mission patches, the symbol for Mercury is really similar to the Egyptian ankh, and it's kind of ironic that you have ... Egyptian symbolism in what's supposed to be a representation of Mercury the messenger -- supposed to be a Greek mythology, rather than an Egyptian mythology." The Mercury mission patch represents the astronomical symbol for the planet Mercury, with a figure 7 inside it.

42:34 "NASA's core mission was to go to the Moon and retrieve evidence that there was a prior civilization." Not true. No such mission was ever envisaged or declared.

Trekker said...

How can you hate 'on' someone? Is that an American expression?

Anonymous said...

if bara's intelligence is the bar on which everyone elses intelligence is measured, then I think we are all pretty much brilliant. When it comes to I.Q., bara falls somewhere between toe jam and those crusty little eye boogers. He is nonsense, his books are nonsense, and the drivel that he spews is nonsense. Everything he says is wrong, and he knows it, and yet he hides behind the "hater" label because its easy and requires nothing on his part. If he really believed what he says, he would defend it. When Bara agrees to a debate with Expat is when pigs fly to Mars.

Unknown said...

But the fact that some geniuses were laughed at does not imply that all who are laughed at are geniuses. They laughed at Columbus, they laughed at Fulton, they laughed at the Wright Brothers. But they also laughed at Bozo the Clown.

Carl Sagan

Unknown said...

1186 x 640 pixels.

Not Robert Ghostwolf said...

More like "Intellectual Bald Ass." The kind of comb over he's desperately trying to rock doesn't fool anyone.

FlightSuit said...

Objective truth is such a hateful thing. It's too bad Republicans like Bara are so opposed to hate crimes legislation, because Expat is totally engaging in hate speech against Bara every time he posts a fact which contradicts Bara's fantasy world.

Chris said...

Has anyone told the intellectual bad ass that that picture is in fact taking the piss out of him, originating on the cheezeburger site as a "LoL"?

Here are some other "LoL" posts by that user:

*slow clap* Mike, well done, hehe

Not Robert Ghostwolf said...

Just wondered if anyone else caught Hoagie on C2C last night. According to him, the rovers have found some sort of Martian junkyard and he has pictures of, among other things, a "partially eroded" motor complete with shaft, a "Mysterious 'manufactured-looking' cylinder", and even a single sneaker he calls a "remarkable 'Nike on Mars'." He also resurrects his Mars condo pics, which, while only inches tall, nonetheless have an "INTENSELY 'ordered' appearance ... which, to the uninitiated, only superficially resemble 'geological strata' (as they've been officially identified by NASA)."

There are also spectacular artist's renderings of what the Reuleaux Tetrahedral Pyramid might have looked like from space IF (my emphasis) it had been built by an advanced race.

For good measure, he even tossed in a photo of him "sitting on the top of the Pyramid of the Sun, at Teotihuacan, Mexico -- carrying out Enterprise Mission Accutron measurements of Hyperdimensional/Torsion Field surrounding the Pyramid ... with the Pyramid of the Moon as background."

In short, it was pretty much business as usual and serious as can be. Can't ask for more than that!