Monday, May 20, 2013

When two streets don't actually meet, they don't intersect

        Following up my bloggery of May 17th, "Guess what? Mike Bara lied", Mike has now responded on his own blog, including a picture which is breathtaking in its dishonesty.

Mike Bara writeth:

"Recently, a demented nutbag who hides behind the moniker "Expat" online made an accusation claiming that I had "lied" in a lecture about the fact that 2 streets in the Redondo Beach area where I work intersected. This was part of my "Dark Mission" lectures back in 2007-08 (I assume).

"Normally, I would just ignore Expat's idiocy because he is always obsessively claiming things about me. But this one is so stupid and so easily testable that I decided to bring it up.
image credit: Mike Bara

"As you can see from the image provided, the 2 streets in question, Isis Avenue and 33rd Street, certainly DO intersect with each other. How any idiot could miss this or call my claim a "lie" is beyond me, but then again Expat is so mentally unstable that I really shouldn't be surprised. It is actually pathetic the lengths that this man and others will go to in order attack me and make false claims about me. But it comes with the territory.

        It's utterly amazing that a man of at least a little education would post a picture showing quite plainly two streets that do not intersect, claiming it as proof that they do. Even better when he's forced to depict the intersection happening right in the middle of the rail tracks. Here's another map view of the area, also showing the exact location of the 8-point star that he stated was at the non-existent intersection. Actually, you can easily see it on Mike's own doctored image. Again, he's saying "Look, I DIDN'T LIE" while showing a picture that proves he did.


That map is

Here, in Google Streetview, is where 33rd dead-ends, in a self-storage facility:

...and here's where Isis dead-ends, on the other side of the rail tracks:

Got it, Mike?

       By the way, I noted in a comment to the previous piece that Adrienne Loska, Mike's manager, had written to say that of course these streets intersect, you just have to draw extension lines. I replied "Y'know, Adrienne, by your logic you could say that Isis Ave. intersects Colorado Blvd in Pasadena. It does, if you draw a long enough extension."


James Redekop said...

Another minor point: the eight-pointed star is not a cult symbol, it's a Compass Rose: the pattern you see on a ship's compass marking the cardinal and ordinal directions. It's also a very popular quilting pattern and part of the Seattle Mariner's logo.

Anonymous said...

Mike 'The Turk' is quite funny isn't he? Especially when he starts declaring other peoples' mental state is questionable! Maybe he wasn't goood at geography at school? Who knows. He'll be fine as long as he doesn't go into civil engineering and town planning..He might find himself out of his depth then.


At least you weren't called a douchbag; cos that stings from someone as emminant as Mike.

Tara Jordan said...

"When two streets don't actually meet, they don't intersect".
Actually they do, but you need the following essentials to solve the equation.
A single digit IQ + an intrinsic tendency to makes shit up + excessive consumption of marijuana & alcohol = I told you so.
The whole operation relies on an equally dysfunctional bunch of retarded to take this crap as face value.

Chris Lopes said...

The streets would intersect if it weren't for that pesky rail road (which Mikey doesn't label) in the middle. If he bothered to follow the Isis part, he'd have noticed it turns parallel with the tracks. Clearly map reading is not among his core competences either.

Another thing he didn't notice is that the image he posted puts lie to his original claim. The rose is there, just not connected to either street. So the original image used in his lecture is deliberately mislabeled.

expat said...

Exactly, Chris. I wish somebody would post a comment along those lines on his author Farcebook page. It's accessible as long as he hasn't banned you (as he has me, natch).

Anonymous said...

"My brother, the Sci-Fi novelist. I guess I have to get used to saying it..."

I read the above on Mike's farceberk page. Could there be a connection with Mikes 'research'?


Ricky Poole said...

The unintentional comedy just never stops! A compass rose presented as a cult symbol, two roads which do not meet are claimed to intersect. The reason? The roads have names that fit into some woo-woo conspiratorial mindset, therefore they MUST provide some stunning conformation of ...something. Are we sure that he isn't pulling an Andy Kaufman, a Borat, or a Joaquin Phoenix?

Anonymous said...

Bara is probably the most unpleasant personality of the woo-woo scene: foul-mouthed, obtuse, hateful, extreme right-wing bully full of hubris.

At least Hoaxland, despite his laughable nonsense, is charismatic and sometimes quite witty and funny. Mikey is just a vile little man with no redeeming factors.

Chris said...

Mike writes:

"As Winston Churchill once put it, "You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life.""

If this was to apply here (it doesn't) then it would apply equally in both directions, so Mike being an "enemy" of you means that you have stood up for science in the face of pseudoscience.

Churchill also said:

"Everyone has his day and some days last longer than others."

expat said...

Again, quite right Chris. It's so typical of pseudoscience to apply clich├ęs in one direction only. They love to say "You get the most flak when you're right over the target", but they never think about the converse, which would mean that if they're NOT getting criticized it's a sign that they're way off. I guess I've blogged about that already.

Anonymous said...

This is 33rd street we are talking about.

There must clearly be some hyper-dimensional road which extends in a higher plane of existence. In fact, if you bring a seismometer down there, at semi-regular intervals you'll get an astounding confirmation of this truth.

Choo choo!


expat said...

I reckon this topic has run its course now. I left this parting comment on Mike's blog:

"So, before we leave this topic, may I summarize?

- The compass rose is not a cult symbol.
- 33rd St and Isis Ave do not intersect.
- The compass rose is not at the place where they WOULD intersect if they didn't dead-end.
- Those 2 streets were named by quite different authorities.

You lied, Mike.

As for your Churchill quote -- Yep, it goes both ways, that one."

Anonymous said...

Bara is an idiot. Always has been, always will be.

Ricky Poole said...

I'm listening to Hoagland on Coast to Coast explaining stunning confirmation of the torsion field shown by flying horses in tornadoes and such. Mind blowing measurements and stunning confirmations of Accutronic madness in the last hour of the latest Coast to Coast Am! "All the wierdnesses(sic) of tornadoes throughout history" could be explained through the proper use of the incredible (god voice) ACCUTRON!

expat said...

Referring to this weekend's woo-woo conference, he said the deets were up on enterprisemission. They aren't. They aren't on his Fartbook page either. That's the page he hasn't posted anything to in a year.

MY GOD that man is lazy.

Trekker said...

Dil Smith posted on Bara's Author page: "Mike, do you ever tire of lying to people? Those two roads do NOT intersect. Btw, the compass rose isnt even in the same area as you stated it was. Do us all a favor and stick with what you are good at, and that is posting pictures of cats. Cheerio, Dingleberry."

I wonder how long that will last?

expat said...


Unknown said...

So Mikey has no comments on that article. That means one of 2 things:

1. Nobody cares.

2. He's deleted every comment so far.

Anyone like to guess which it is?

Boy, he must really love himself. His ugly mug takes up almost the entire height of my browser. Also, don't read his tweets. I think part of my brain died from just looking at them.

Unknown said...

Hey look. Mikey plays "Mr. Physics of 2012" in "Apocalypse According to Doris".

Gotta check this one out.

Unknown said...

MY GOD that man is lazy.

No he's not. He's probably not feeling well right now and being treated by Doctor Robin. Once her Homeopathic remedy kicks in he'll be fine again and back to his bubbly old self.

Stay Tuned......

expat said...

Doctor Robin has her own problems, right now.

Unknown said...

You mean this?

Your help is needed to cover the enormous expenses I face right now to cover healthcare, treatments and travel. Please use my Paypal link or let me know if you can donate airline miles. My whole journey - research and choices will be documented here and on Coast to Coast for everyone to benefit.

Please make PayPal contributions to at the following link using the send money link from your PayPal account for a personal payment:
If you do not have a PayPal account, please use the donation button
I can't thank you all enough for the outpouring of love and prayers. Your kindness and concern mean the world to me

So who's paying for Richard's boozy lifestyle then?

Stay Tuned......

expat said...

Yes, I do mean that. I assume the two of them are pretty much broke, at this point. All the royalties from Dark Mission will be long gone.

Unknown said...

Well I guess there's a lesson to be learned there, namely stick with real science, it's much more profitable. I don't see Phil Plait or Neil de Grasse Tyson begging for money or worrying about their retirement funds.

Either that or become a useful idiot for Fox News like Jim Goad or Andrew Breitbart or Joe the Plumber. The Tea Party has no use for the Face on Mars nonsense if they can't blame it on Obama.

I get the feeling Mikey's not far behind.

Stay Tuned......

expat said...

Mikey still doesn't feel able to say what his new TV talking head gig is all about. Maureen Elsberry of Spacing Out! is obviously involved, I'm betting this is yet another UFO series and he's getting decently paid.

jourget said...

If they're broke, what on earth are they doing going to Hawaii just to futz around with Hoagland's watch again?

Robin's not doing herself any favors putting money toward crap like the "Physiospect device":

I guess this answers the question of whether she's in this for the money; she realy is a homeopath to the core. But seriously, is she so dense as to reject the entire body of "mainstream" medical science when her health is at stake? I guess that goes to the money issue again.

Chris Lopes said...

I suspect they went to Hawaii on someone else's dime. It was probably a group thing like the trip to Mexico. I seriously doubt they would have spent their own money for just a few minutes of air time on C2C.

@Strahlungs Amt
Sticking with real science means competing with real scientists for attention. No one (even they themselves) seriously thinks Hoagie and Bara are in a position to go up against the likes of Michio Kaku or
Neil de Grasse Tyson. Neither has the education nor the credibility to pull that one off.

Besides, real science tends not to adhere to really cool sci fi narratives. There are no canals on Mars, and there aren't any swamps on Venus (and this Robert Heinlein fan is heartbroken over both those facts). Wanting there to be ancient cities on the Moon (and I do, I really do) doesn't mean the reality has to conform to your wishes. For Hoagie and Bara, selling that reality is a lot harder than their fiction.

Unknown said...

That page of Robin is the saddest thing I've seen in a long time. I know the two of them are dooshbags but there's something tragic about being old, penniless and dying of cancer while worrying about being kicked out on the street for non-payment of rent.

Still, how many people has she conned out of money over the years? People who got sicker or died by not taking their real medicine? I guess what goes around comes around. I'm pretty sure she's not rejecting modern technology. She's too poor to pay for it.

How many starving families has Hoagland persuaded to pay for his sleep-inducing 3 hour specials? You'd think they'd be rolling in dough by now. Hey, I wonder does Mikey feel like helping out an old friend, now that he's got a paying gig?

Anonymous said...

I find eminently sad - and telling - that we find ourselves arguing with Bara about whether two roads which clearly terminate a good distance apart from one another constitute an intersection, or whether an architectural feature is at that would-be intersection or not. Let's stipulate that they intersect and there is a pyramid there with pagan stars etched into each face.

SO WHAT? What possible significance can that have? There is a 7-Eleven at the (actual) intersection of Artesia and Inglewood not too far from there. Eleven is one third of 33, and from the letters in the street names you can form "A TRON".

Mind blown.


Anonymous said...

And evidently when two crazies meet, they marry and spawn (seriously: check Bara's Facebook: married and ultrasound picture)


expat said...

I assume "Sara Bara" is a joke.

Anonymous said...

One can only hope he isn't spawning


Amelia said...

This is cool!