Sunday, April 14, 2013

Hoagland: Ghastly in Glendale

        I really hate to subsidize Kerry Cassidy's nutty ventures in any way, but yesterday as the sun failed to appear I thought "wtf, it's only $5" and paid up for the privilege of getting 156 ghastly minutes of Hoagland in a tiny sub-window with atrocious audio.

        This was the Awake & Aware lecture from Glendale last weekend, by all accounts not well attended, so possibly Kerry made a loss on the event, which she had originally planned for the Joshua Tree conference center.

        Hoagland sure does love his SciFi, doesn't he? He spent a full 50 minutes just showing us images of famous works of the genre, from H.G. Wells to the latest Dr Who on BBC tv. In honor of the latter, the lectern was dressed up to look like a Tardis -- I kid you not.

        Just to be sure we all understood we were not here witnessing anything resembling science, he threw in a little numerology. I can give you a flavor of that very easily:

sin 19.47° = 0.3333
0.33332 = 0.1111
0.1111 transforms to 11.11
therefore 11.11 is code for 19.5note 1
Isn't it interesting that 11 different actors have portrayed Dr Who?
The BBC must be hyperdimensional.

        The audio wasn't good enough for me to hear whether anyone in the audience shouted "NO RICHARD, IT'S NOT INTERESTING -- IT'S USELESS TRASH!"

Meaningless spikes
         Well, finally we got to the Accutron tracesnote 2, which he characterized as "a totally new tool for astrophysics". In a stunning confirmation of my theory that Richard Hoagland is incompetent at mathematics, he told his audience that the frequency of the tuning fork decreases as its inertia increases, in accordance with the Newtonian equation F=manote 3.

        He went through his "experiments", starting with the 2004 Venus transit during which he actually had the wrong time for 3rd contact (it was really 07:07:33 EDT, not 07:03:53). He showed Teotihuacan, April 2009, again pretending that the first frequency spike coincided with the moment of dawn although it most assuredly did not (it was 6min 25sec later). He showed the "astounding" frequency excursions he recorded at Tikal, also in April 2009 -- the biggest of all his meaningless spikes even though they were recorded at a time when nothing special was happening astronomically.

        I know you're dying to see what he recorded at Chichen Itza last December 19th, before being tossed out by security guards. Hey presto!

        The resolution is way too low to comment  much, except to say that this trace is obviously quite unlike anything he's shown us before. He didn't think that was important enough to explain.

        There's an objection to his reasoning on this which I haven't noted as much as I perhaps should have, in past bloggery on the subject. In addition to the fact that he has published no baselines or controls, and that many of his spikes are off-scale, I mean. It is this: He has written that the torsion field increases (and hence frequency decreases) when the tuning fork is parallel to the spin axis of the planet or star creating the field, but the field decreases (and frequency increases) when the fork is orthogonal to the spin axis. And yet he has never, even once, told us what the orientation of the tuning fork was during any of his "experiments."

        Last week, in e-mail to me, he told me that I had missed the point of Neil Armstrong's speech at the White House and admonished me to "stick to engineering". Well, I think he should stick to science fiction. Come to think of it, I guess that's what he's doing anyway.

1. He claims hyperdimensional significance for the number 19.47 because it's the latitude at which three vertices of a tetrahedron appear when the tetrahedron is inscribed in a sphere with the other vertex at a pole.

2. For readers new to the Accutron -- I've written about this many times. There's also a good concise explanation here.

3. Quite likely E=mc2 and F=ma are the only two equations Hoagland has ever heard of. Sadly, neither of them is remotely relevant to the frequency of a tuning fork as a function of the properties of its material. The real equation may be found here.


Chris Lopes said...

Nice review of what had to be a very long 156 minutes. I see Hoagie hasn't lost his ability to stretch out a few minutes of data (if that's what it really is) into 2 1/2 hours of unrelenting bullshit. The man does seem to have a deep emotional attachment for the sound of his own voice.

Yes Hoagland is very much in love with science fiction. He uses it as his main source of his ideas and then uses the original source material as validation of those ideas. If anyone points out where the idea really came from, he just claims that the author was in the know.

The podium being made to resemble a TARDIS is a bit hokey though, even for Hoagland. Even he has to know that such a thing doesn't exactly lend an air of scientific credibility to the proceedings. Hell, why didn't he just do his presentation in a Star Fleet uniform and a pair of Spock ears?

As to his data presentation, we all know it is completely useless. All he has presented so far is screen captures of graphs on a lap top. No real data has been offered, and given Hoagland's apparent lack of knowledge regarding the scientific method and proper experimental protocols, data from him could be trusted.

I wouldn't be too put out by the 5 bucks you laid out for this one Expat. Given the lack of attendance (low enough for the presenters to comment about it), I bet Kerry did lose money on the deal. Not Hoagland of course, he's smart enough to ask for his money up front. That's why he didn't bother promoting the damn thing.

P.S. Thanks for listening to this gas bag so the rest of us didn't have to. You sacrificed 156 minutes of your life (that you will never get back) for the cause of truth.

Anonymous said...

Click the link below and scroll down for a look at the hilarious who's who of cretins that he's sharing the billing with:

Such as the opening act:


A multi-dimensional extra-terrestrial being who speaks through channel Darryl Anka from what we perceive as the future...

They're all liars and bullcrappers, not one of them genuinely believes their shit any more than P.T. Barnum believed his sewing together of a monkey and a fish was actually a real mermaid.

Like Barnum, none of them can ever admit that its really a monkey fish thing, the lie must be perpetuated otherwise the related income dries up completely. Its not madness its money and if you think that Hoagland or any of the others at that conference are making presentations for scientists or even care what they think then you're absolutely mistaken.

All these things, all of them, are put together for stupid, gullible people, because lots of people really are stupid and gullible or possibly just ignorant and a fool and his money are easily parted.

The people on that billing are are entertainers, not scientists, not madmen. The key to its success is the presentation of a superficially plausible and seamless facade, hence the lie must always be maintained, and critics must be attacked or ignored.

Anonymous said...

Did you happen to watch the 2hr39m "A&A Panel Discussion" that's on youtube from this weekend?!

It was supposed to be a conference about time travel, but I haven't got a clue what these people are talking about - let me rephrase that, THEY haven't got a clue what they are talking about. A dozen plus panelists along a table talking utter bollocks - this was without doubt the dumbest thing I have ever seen in my entire life.

Not one person made on sensible, coherent sentence in the entire thing - it was embarrassing to watch. Sheer unbelievable gibberish - I don't even know where to start my critique: from Hoagland saying "Robbin's missing purse slipped into a hyperdimension flux and passed through the timelines before re-appearing under the table sometime later" to new age hippie Laura Eisenhower [who was apparently engaging in some sort of competition to throw in as many pseudo-science/alt-community buzzwords as possible] saying "the timelines are non-linear because the fifth dimension is rebirthing in the positivity vibe of gaia, as the light chakras converge in the pineal glad allowing our astral souls from the Pleadies to manifest both left brain and right brain singular consciousness in what we call future when the essence of us all is one". - dafuq are you talking about?!?!

The only major surprise (I expected the mind-numbing stupidity and incoherent, pointless, generic mumbojumbo) was that there actually IS someone who loves the sound of his own voice more than Hoagie! Nope, not Kerry C - but Sean David Morton, who could barely shut the f**k up for more than 30 seconds throughout the entire discussion - no matter who the question was asked to, no matter what the subject, Mr LookAtMeLookAtMe simply had to be the center of attention. How Hoagie didn't punch him for stealing his limelight, I'll never know!!! (at least Hoagie was smart enough to seat himself in the center of the long table..... just like Jesus.... interesting symbol there... two misunderstood truth-spreaders and leaders of their time....)

Although, SDM did at least say something relevant - he pointed out how weird it was to be doing a panel Q&A when 'there are more panelist members than audience members'! Definitely quote of the day! Another big result for the underground community then!...

expat said...

I enjoyed all today's comments, thanks. Wow, that quote from Laura Eisenhower!!!! I hope she was at least good-looking, as many New Age women are.

I thought sitting through >2h of panel discussion was beyond the call of blog-duty, for sure. I did run the separate excerpt in which Hoagland insisted that he and Dr Falkov did their best to help Gary Leggiere. I didn't believe it.

Anonymous said...

"the timelines are non-linear because the fifth dimension is rebirthing in the positivity vibe of gaia, as the light chakras converge in the pineal glad allowing our astral souls from the Pleadies to manifest both left brain and right brain singular consciousness in what we call future when the essence of us all is one"

The late great Stanley Unwin will be spinning in his grave. I'm sure he never intended his genius to be prostituted in such a way, and used as the basis for others to make a living off the guillible.


Anonymous said...

That quote from laura eisenhower was pretty much word for word (with the dumbest, nonsensical bits taken out to spare her from extra mocking). As for "good looking", well, they do say beauty is in the eye of the beholder (and I'm sure someone out there would find Steve Buccemi in a dress attractive?!) but I'm not going to judge the woman on her physical appearance - not when there is a sheer ton of stupid sentences to dissect (either she is a mumbojumbo moron of incredibly epic proportions, or she was in some sort of secret competition to throw in as many "alt community" buzzwords as possible, as she's very good at it). But hey, who am I to mock her - maybe she really did get asked to start a mars colony with the young barry sotero because she can see the future………

…..or maybe she's just high and can talk for 2 hours without blinking…. i guess we'll never know…

(the link is

you don't have to watch it all, just skim through the first hour: if memory serves she talks for about 6 or 7 minutes at some point in the first 10, and then again about half an hour in - but skim through, you'll spot her, and I'll reward someone a with a gift certificate if anyone can identify just what the actual f**k she is trying to say!)

expat said...

Ah yes, I see her. Totally mad. Sort-of sexy, though.

Anonymous said...

"sort of sexy"... "SORT OF SEXY"... expat are you drunk? or high? or both?...

perhaps you accidentally googled Miranda Kerr by mistake?!?

I doubt there's enough JD n cocaine in the world to put Miss Eis in that category - although I'm sure she is a lovely lovely human being when she isn't talking absolute fooking bollocks.

(methinks expat has a thing for new age girls... its such a pity they're all usually at least 40 odd and look like Jermaine Greer after someone has just made a kitchen joke)

But back to the "science" - skim through that first hour and if you can tell me what dafuq anyone is talking about, that would be terrific! (if the panelists at least had a consistent thread, that would be one thing, instead its just a dozen individuals all talking about their own stuff - when Sean David Morton isn't interrupting to remind the 7 audience members how he's the "kool kid" of the group).

expat said...

Well, what can I say? I like that gaunt look the New Age chiqs have. I'm getting on a bit myself, so the 40 year olds look like kids to me. I draw the line at Germaine, however.

As for wtf they're talking about -- themselves, I think.

Anonymous said...

Well, next time I'm ever close enough to punch SDM in the face for being the most annoying person on the planet, I'll be sure to ask if he can put a good word in with Miss mars colonist for ya....

...mind you, she might not like your vindictive, hateful, completely-unfounded Hoagie bashing.... you might have to move to New Mexico and become a hyper-dimensional torsion time travel expert yourself... work your way in from the inside... haha

Unknown said...

Here she is. She's Ike's great-granddaughter.

She looks OK in the pic. Then again that's a professional portrait so I'm sure she has her makeup on. I haven't seen the videos yet.
She was on Hoagie's Cruise into 2012 if I remember correctly.

Unknown said...

I think the thing with new age chicks being hot is more about hot chicks being able to spout any garbage they want to and guys lapping it up hoping they'll be lapped up (if you get what I mean).
I've been to college in the US and one thing I remember is that no idea is too dumb if you're a hot co-ed.

Don't believe me? Meet the next Robin Falkov/Laura Eisenhower:

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but either I've had waaaaaaay tooo much alcohols and narcotics, or we are *seriously* talking about Miss Eis and Robin being "hot"....

...hopefully this is just a really really bad dream (or I'm the only 26 yr old commenter on this blog who doesn't like women older than 1980 at best!!)

To get back to the "science" (if only for my own sanity), I dont believe for a second Robin or Eis is attention seeking... (although now that I've typed that, I'm not so sure...) but either way, the FACTS do not add up!...

I hate to "bash" on Kerry C because she has a lot of passion for what she does (I can at least respect her passion, if nothing else), however the problem is when you put a dozen 'panel speakers' on a table to talk about a topic none of them intrinsically focus on, you will get NO ONE saying "hey speaker x, what the f**k do you actually mean?" - they hear a generic phrase and fix it to whatever suits their position.

Obviously, from following this blog, I know Hoagie has many "grey areas" (to be super kind), but if Expat had the time, it would be great to look into the other speakers (if possible, without getting too side-tracked).

If people are local to Glendale and wanna attend a seminar, I've NO PROBLEM with that, I fully support people's choice to chase the truth - but what we're seeing is SOOOO one dimensional, its untrue.

Like I say, I hate to bash Kerry C because her passion is phenomenal, but I can't help but feel she sets herself up for ridicule. I have not seen Hoagie's presentation yet, but I will as soon as I get chance... but this whole Awake Aware weekend seemed so amateurish (if thats a word); like Kerry *has to* put something out each week to not lose interest from her followers..... which is a shame.

If anyone endured the 2hr39m panel discussion, then kudos to you to...

Chris Lopes said...

At the risk of interrupting some vigorous new age skirt chasing, I'd like to (temporally) change topics. Given what has happened in Boston, how many here think Hoagie is now rushing to find some symbolic numerology magic that will provide STUNNING CONFIRMATION that the attack was someone sending Obama a message?
We all know he's low enough to use the deaths and injuries of his follow human beings to push more bullshit. The question is how industrious is he in putting something together in time for a C2C news update.

expat said...

I'm quite sure the 26-year-old me wouldn't have looked at Falkov or Eisenhower either, but take it from me son (just kidding there) when you're the other side of them, age-wise, they look pretty good.

I don't know about Kerry's passion but she sure has enough energy to exhaust me. Of course she's totally paranoid, and her world view is utterly distorted. Here she is blogging today:

"....let's talk about Henry Deacon, Arthur Neumann going on stage at Awake & Aware and casually talking about the CORRIDOR to Mars and the world at large not paying any attention... Just contemplate what such a momentous occasion means in such a world as this, where very probably, well over 96% of the people never even look up let alone wonder what grand experiment they may be part of."

I'm not prepared to extend the reach of this blog to encompass those other nutcases, although I've commented about SDM in the past and probably will again. I did a little editing on his wiki-page, too -- mostly just deleting the worst of the self-serving rubbish that was written either by him or his greatest fan. I also once made Kerry the topic of a blogpost but only because she'd made a really stupid statement about RCH.

Anonymous said...

Haha! I'm made a deal with the hyper-dimensional Jesus that I'm gonna stay 26 (or at least 26 and 18 months) forever!!…….. ask Hoagie, he'll verify it with his torsion acutron waves and what not!

That's fair enough Expat, I was not stringently pushing that you "go after" SDM or Kerry (I know thats not your style, nor mine) - I was only saying that, in my opinion, there was a MASSIVE gap between what Kerry presented as reality and these people who spouted nonsense….

I'm not overly familiar with SDM but based on this weekend alone, I can tag him with basic psychology 101….. a "public voice" who cannot stand being 10 seconds out the limelight….. who thinks he's a rockstar to an audience of 7 people (and i feel bad pointing it out)…. as for Kerry, I genuinely do hate to bash on her because of her passion (no one can doubt her passion!), but passion alone cannot be a measure of truth - she does promote some utter shite for the sheer sake of being "relevant" (i truly wish she didn't, then she might be taken seriously). Have you checked out her blog lately? She'll pump out any old crap just to be "relevant" - when she has her webpage working, it's utter bollocks, which is such a shame. [granted, i might be the only one who feels that way].

Obviously I don't expect this blog to go too far off-course from Hoagie/Bara but I DO think the last weekend was relevant. I don't expect Hoagie's lecture to be ground-breaking, but when a dozen "experts" in 'time travel' get together, it would be wrong for us not to hold them to account or reference what they said - after all, it is there, word or word.

Tara Jordan said...

Kerry Lynn Cassidy looks like a geriatric porn star,a source of inspiration for some readers & the old timers at The Emoluments of Mars Blog (wink & snark)

Unknown said...

Holy Crap. I think Miss Eisenhower was part of some mind altering experiment back in the day. Either that or she's taking all the wrong pills.

Eisenhower recruited by Mars colony in 2006

Independent Mars colony recruits Andrew D. Basiago and Laura Magdalene Eisenhower have confirmed the existence of a secret human survival colony on Mars in a joint appearance on Exopolitics Radio with Alfred Lambremont Webre.

Mr. Basiago, 48, a Cambridge-educated lawyer who practices law in Washington State, was a child participant in the DARPA time travel program Project Pegasus (1968-72) and later teleported to a U.S. base on Mars twice in 1981.Ms. Eisenhower, 36, the great-granddaughter of U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower, was the subject of a sophisticated attempt to recruit her into the secret Mars colony in 2006 that she broke free from after resisting its deeply rooted manipulations and chose to live out her destiny on Earth

The article continues....

Funny. This reminds me of the one time I was dragged to the "Times Square Church" by some ex-friends who were trying to convert me to Jesus. It didn't take me long to realise that literally EVERYONE in the audience was recovering from some kind of drug use.
As someone who never did drugs I sometimes wonder if I'm missing out on something. :(

Unknown said...

The main reason I come to this site is that there was a time in my life when I actually believed this kind of bullshit. Looking back on it now, I regret wasting so much time and losing out on so many opportunities by not living in the material world. If I can do anything at all to convince others not to waste their life this way, I will.
I grew up Catholic which meant that if my father found an Occult book he panicked like a Christian would over Harry Potter. Not because both his and my beliefs were total poppycock.

My own private obsession was George Adamski and his "travels" to Venus and Saturn with his UFO friends. To explain it all, of course, Adamski traveled in the "Etheric" or "Astral" planes and not to the physical planets themselves. Of course these higher levels existed and were more real than the world I was living in. I also read about Uri Geller and the Indigo Children who "Astral" traveled to different planets every night.

It all started with Charles Berlitz and the Bermuda Triangle. In one chapter he claimed that the Ancient Egyptians had batteries and airplanes and with that my curiosity was piqued. There were no shortage of "Initiates" to show me the way from then on. This was back in the 1970s/80s when all I had were books with illustrations. No Internet for fact-checking back then. Of course if I had seen this movie back then, I might have changed my mind:

All this stuff is a nice fantasy and is actually quite entertaining when I think back to it. But it really messed with my mind. For years I believed the physical world was not really real and that something unbelievably awesome lay just beyond, seven chakras away. The result, I didn't strive as hard with my material needs and tolerated a much worse life than I should have.

Take it from me, belief in fantasy is a trap. An addiction more like gambling than drugs. People who tell you to "Believe" are liars. Don't listen to them. Either they're trying to sell you something or they're deluded by others or they're just nuts. There's no shortage of them around. In fact there is a whole Fantasy Industrial Complex out there with lots of woo to sell you. Awake and Aware are just one corporation competing in a big market.

Don't listen and don't believe. Nothing good can come of it.

Anonymous said...

Chris said:

"how many here think Hoagie is now rushing to find some symbolic numerology magic that will provide STUNNING CONFIRMATION that the attack was someone sending Obama a message?"

No. He was beaten to it by the contemptable Alex 'paranoid' Jones, whoo is claiming it was a 'false flag' operation. That vermin should be put down in my opinion. Not that I have any strong feelings on the fat shit.

Unknown said...

Laura Eisenhower isn't to my taste, as a 29-year old who's married. I thought I might like to randomly list some hyperdimensional celebrites (born in 1947... Although I guess I should list a lot more because almost any number is 19.47 to Richard C, Hoagland):

Arnold Schwartzenegger
Mitt Romney
Hillary Clinton

OJ Simpson
Kareem Abdul-Jabbat

Paula Deen

Late night show host:
David Letterman

Stephen King

Danny Glover

Elton John

Game show host:
Pat Sajak

Former hotty:
Farrah Fawcett

This is a real table/list of coincidence!


expat said...

"how many here think Hoagie is now rushing to find some symbolic numerology magic that will provide STUNNING CONFIRMATION that the attack was someone sending Obama a message?"

More likely, in my opinion, that Mike Bara will use it to promote his pro-gun, anti-Obama agenda. Nothing yet.

Anonymous said...


"Laura Magdalene Eisenhower - cosmic mythologist, global alchemist, clairvoyant healer, Earth advocate, artist"

But she wants to direct!

Anonymous said...

Seriously people, again: what the actual f**k is a "cosmic mythologist" or "global alchemist" or "earth advocate"?!?!… Seriously?!?… Can anyone tell me??… Either there is a bit of new age science I've never discovered or we're talking absolute nonsense here!!……. I hate to pick on one person individually, but what the f**k does that mean??….. i'm an "earth advocate" because without it we'd all die/not exist - does that make me "camelot worthy"!?!??!?!

Tara Jordan said...

Expat,I have a serious question. How can you go from Diana Rigg to a pre- menopausal fruitcake like Laura Magdalene Eisenhower?. You may be old but you`re not that old ;)

expat said...

Hush, Emma, you're blurting out info that's supposed to be confidential.

Tara Jordan said...

Strahlungs Amt. Thanks for sharing, it is always very interesting to understand the particular paths people have to go through. I found fascinating the fact that amongst debunkers,many used to be "believers" at some stage.I guess I was extremely lucky. I was raised in a non spiritual- religious environment. As far as I remember, even as a kid I was deeply inquisitorial, always asking questions and questioning answers.I was a natural born atheist & ultra skeptical.Having said that,I am very critical of the debunking community. I am always surprised at how self-proclaimed “skeptics” always support the Government-establishment view of virtually everything, no matter in what direction the evidence points. I see the skeptics community as an expression of social narcissism & psycho-sociological fetishism. Most skeptics are not Cartesians or materialists,they engage in identity & psychological survivalism.Merely replacing religion or spiritual endeavor with self idolatry & cult of personality (James Randi,Carl Sagan etc...). Since skeptics claims no gods they have "heroes". They need to attach themselves to an entity or an individual that transforms their personal approaches to fundamental questions,into some kind of quasi spiritual form of revelation & (or) almost mystical personal fulfillment.Therefore debunking UFO`s,wacky religious beliefs,Voodoo sciences & New age mumbo jumbo becomes the the epiphany of intellectual accomplishment

Mulvaney said...

it is not surprising that attendance was down. You can only hear Hoagland 19.5 times before it starts to wear thin. Although with hyperdimensional physics it probably does not take that long.

I hope Mr. Morton also got his money up front. After the SEC obtained a $12 million judgment against the Mortons earlier this year, he probably needs the money. But hopefully Kerry Casssidy is the only one who would think he is awake and ware.

Anonymous said...

From reading Strahlungs comment, Laura Eisenhower is 36?!?!?! THIRTY SIX?!?….that cannot be right, she looks at least 50! I'm pretty sure if I was stranded on mars myself since 1981 I still wouldn't find her attractive - she does not look good for 36 (maybe thats what new age time travel does to you?!?!)

Emma's comment is great! Perhaps we should set expat up on a date with Kerry Cassidy??…. Maybe we could start some sort of pseudo-science dating website? "" has a nice ring to it?!

Tara Jordan said...

I am only 24 but I`d have lunch with Expat anytime. He has great stories to tell & an amazing sense of humor (not easily discernible throughout his posts),& contrary to Mike Bara`s allegations,Expat is a very decent man.

Anonymous said...

Emma Peel: "social narcissism & psycho-sociological fetishism".

Then again, those terms are in the same category as cosmic mythology, global alchemy and Earth advocatism.

You see, everyone has their little framework to make sense. The advantage lies in borrowing the more prestigious terms and feeling smug about it!

I'm just teasing a bit though. The key is to not take theories too seriously unless they start to cost you. Well, more than $5, I suppose.


Ricky Poole said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tara Jordan said...

Dear Anonymous.I`m afraid you missed the point (also teasing you a bit).The excessive use of clinical psychology terminology was intentional (both sarcastic & cynical).If you bothered to read of couple of comments (& in the process,waste 10 minutes of your precious life) you`d understand that I dont take myself very seriously,quite the contrary. More than often I am acting as the local iconoclast. I was trying to show that debunkers & their arch enemies are commonly affected by the same pathologies (attention seeking,pseudo intellectual posturing,feeling of superiority,& above all, worshiping at the altar of "Me"). Expat Aka "Her Majesty's Secret Agent"(not egocentric at all since he goes as far as concealing his own identity),& the mild mannered Dr Stuart (obviously not in this game for the publicity) are the exceptions.

jourget said...

I love how both the audience memebers asking questions in the panel discussion and the Awake and Aware website itself ( can't decide if David Wilcock is named David Wilcox or not.


Unknown said...

Isn't Mauna Kea at 19.5 degrees? Does this mean there is Hyperdimensional physics after all? What is the Gubmint hiding from us now? What do they know?

I "MEAN" is this.... "STUNNING CONFIRMATION" that ...... "HOAGLAND" is.... RIGHT?

Stay Tuned.......

Tara Jordan said...

A call to arms.Jason Colavito,the writer & Ancient Aliens debunker is actually under threat from Jason Martell (the congenital nitwit & star of the Ancient Aliens Series).Martell is threatening to sue Jason Colavito because of his critical debunking.He has also requested his fans to harass Jason Colavito.So far Martell`s butt boys are flooding Colavito`s mail account & someone has actually sent a death threat.Please take the time to drop by his site and support him

Anonymous said...

Emma Peel: "If you bothered to read of couple of comments you`d understand that I dont take myself very seriously".

Yeah, I'm not unfamiliar with your musings. Under the guise of "not taking yourself very seriously" still mounting serious sounding criticism on some "skeptics community" and even good old dear James Randi!

But I like your writing too much too complain much. However your need to act like a local iconoclast is not very convincing. It's perhaps your own version of pathological attention seeking. Heheheh! How does it feel to be analyzed with tongue firmly in cheek? I'll stop now though.


Tara Jordan said...

Thanks Anonymous,I always enjoyed a good sarcastic debate.Indeed, you`re absolutely right,I am an equal opportunity offender.You mentioned Randi,I criticized Randi in the past, but recently when he was at the center of the "social Darwinist quotation controversy",his own sycophants threw him in the gutter,I publicly defended him.I considered the case to be a pathetic witch hunt & an hypocritical expression of self righteous "group thinking". As to the accusation of being "pathologically attention seeking"(No one saw this coming,lol),if having opinions & (or) showing an ability to accurately assess situations or people,& turn this to one's advantage,is the definition of "attention seeking", then again I`m probably guilty.But if you knew me in real life,you`d find out I am everything but a solipsistic social network princess.Hence my motto on Facebook," I am on Facebook but I am not running for popularity contest".If I had to pick one sentence to defend myself, "Sometimes nature behaves erratically....".

FlightSuit said...

Yeah, I can attest to the fact that Emma Peel does not spend nearly enough time on Facebook. She never even posts pics of herself!

Not nearly narcissistic enough.

Tara Jordan said...

Flightsuit. Actually I have one personal pic left in my profile folder,but indeed no bikini pics...

Tara Jordan said...

Flighsuit,I am okay with the "attention seeking" accusation, this is fair game. When you happen to be a female & express personal opinions,more than often people see it as "attention seeking".But you`re right,I am certainly not nearly narcissistic enough.On regular base,people even resort to question my very identity & gender, although I have been around for years (Google is your best friend).It is probably the appropriate time for me to come out of the closet.
I am Tara Jordan from Snobs & Bitches
I have been producing music for years (Remixing & DJing) to pay for my University studies. I couldn't care less about what people think about me, but I hope this clears up the "who are you" issue.

FlightSuit said...

That's OK, I like you for your mind.

FlightSuit said...

That last remark was in response to the lack of bikini pics.

Everybody, you should look for Tara's music on the Web. If you like deep underground dance music, hers is worth experiencing.

And yeah, she is very negligent about promoting herself. She'd rather dig around in the dirt in malaria-mosquito infested locales than do anything else.

John Cooper said...

Lol Tara, I can't stop listen to your great music my dear.....I just fall in love with you.....Do you have a boy/girl friend?

expat said...

Mike Bara's annoyed with CNN for failing to emphasize that the Boston bombers are followers of Islam.

jourget said...

From The Onion article "Study: Majority Of Americans Not Informed Enough To Stereotype Chechens":

“Clinical trials show that most individuals will make brief, fumbling attempts to stereotype Chechens based on what little they know about Russians, but eventually drop the subject entirely after running out of anything to say within seconds.” Kinane’s team was able to confirm, however, that once research subjects were told Chechnya is a predominantly Muslim region, they were “usually pretty good to go from there.”

Being so unhinged, I think Mike's missing out on a lot of good satire.

John Cooper said...

If you fighting against USA you are a Terrorist but if you fighting against Russia you are a "Freedom Fighters" as THE USA called the Chechen rebels.

Tara Jordan said...

Expat. I guess Mike Bara in his total (willingfull)ignorance of American geostrategy & geopolitical shenaniganism, is missing a fundamental point.All the successive US administrations have supported & favored Islam extremism over secular regimes.

Tara Jordan said...

@John Cooper.I am glad you enjoyed the music.As to your personal question, my private life remains off limits ;)

John Cooper said...

Tara, I owe you an apology!
For a moment I thought you and Misti Parker were the same person.....:)

FlightSuit said...

John Cooper, it's easy to tell Tara and Misti apart: Misti's remixes are always trying to bite somebody else's style.

Biological_Unit said...

Ancient Aliens debunked:

Unknown said...

Hey Everyone. Don't forget to like Mike Bara's new Author page.

This is the official fan page for New York Times Bestselling author and star of TV's Ancient Aliens series Mike Bara

Binaryspellbook said...

This is the type of person Hoagland has now been reduced to working alongside. Sean David Morton, a man who Hoagland wouldn't have shared a podium with not so long ago.

Ricky Poole said...

Another Stunning Confirmation of NASA hankus pankus. There is a 19.5 joke in this somewhere too, but I'm not going to make it.

Esteban Navarro said...

Totally agree with Emma. Throughout. Except as Carl Sagan. NO. At all.He was an excellent science popularizer, not a courtyard of "Los egocentricos" "skeptics" all round the world. And there are many.a bunch,indeed, lots of mediatic idiots that depends on wtf pseudos says"-In words of Sagan,paraphrasing him....MMMMhhhh...Emma.
Hi to all of ya , by the way !
I´m sorry, I´m just busy as hell...Bye
read you

Tara Jordan said...

Thanks for the feedback Esteban Navarro. Don`t get me wrong,I hold Carl Sagan in highest regard.I have a personal friend who worked under Sagan`s supervision at Cornell.Sagan was a great pedagogue.What I find interesting is the fact that inside the debunking-(so called) humanist-atheist community, Carl Sagan had become almost like a cult figure.People may throw away religious or spiritual belief, they eventually always end up hooked on something else.

expat said...

There have now been 12 Doctor whos, since John Hurt took the role for the 50th anniversary special. OH NOOOOOOO!!!! The whole of hyperdimensional physics is falsified!!!!