Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The seismic ignorance of Richard C. Hoagland

James Concannon writes:

        Believe it or not, folks, next Sunday will be the first anniversary of the Fukushima earthquake/tsunami—formally known as the Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami, although not many of us round-eyes would recognize it under that name. The epicenter of the main shock was 38° 19' N, 142° 22' E.

        Obviously, the first thing that comes to mind when remembering that tragedy is the suffering of the local population—almost 20,000 dead, 6,000 injured, 100,000 children made homeless, 200,000 buildings destroyed. But the second thing that comes to my mind is the shameless and despicable way in which Richard Hoagland sought to exploit the event to promote his utterly baseless theories involving occult influences, nazis in space, and "hyperdimensional" geography. This blog noted his performance on C2C-AM at the time.

        On his Facebook page, Hoagland declared that the earthquake was deliberately triggered by "someone." In support of that ridiculous statement, he flat-out lied, stating that the latitude was twice 19.5, and the longitude was 120° East of the Great Pyramid. I posted as follows:
Hoagland: I notice you want to force the Sendai earthquake into confirming your nonsensical theories by falsifying its longitude, just as you falsified the latitude of the Port-au-Prince event. FYI, 120° east of the Great Pyramid is the 151° 08' longitude -- a full 8° 46' out into the Pacific Ocean away from the epicenter.

I also notice that you attach significance to the 38° 19' latitude of the Sendai earthquake as double 19.5. Your theory as published predicts energy upwelling at 19.5°, NOT twice that or three times that or any other multiple of it. 
Hoagland's rejoinder was particularly weak, I thought:
mar 25 04:30
Remember, we are NOT talking about precise longitude and latitude "lines" ... but "bands of activity" -- as with any physical process ....
        But the best was yet to come. After the additional 7.1 magnitude tremor at 38° 15' N, 141° 38' E on 7th April, Hoagland posted this gob-smackingly ignorant piece of poppycock:
That "Fukushima" was a Planned Event -- by "someone" -- is almost a certainty now; I mean, what are the odds of ANOTHER major quake (the 7.1 a couple days ago) -- complete with similar tsunami warnings -- with an epicenter (and depth!) only a few miles different from the earlier, devestating [sic] 9.0 quake ... and all, by "acident?!"
        What are the odds? Almost 100% certain, Richard. It's called an aftershock. Duhhhh...

--James Concannon


Chris Lopes said...

Hoagland has for years stated that HD Physics is not an exact science. In fact, he claims that no science is an exact science, which would come as a surprise to my physics and chemistry teachers. They seemed quite convinced you can get exact answers in science and didn't take kindly to students claiming to have gotten "close enough". Obviously they are part of some vast conspiracy to keep humanity down.

jourget said...

Pretty easy to make a theory of planetary anomalies fit if you're talking a "band of activity" that's almost eighteen degrees wide. Even more so if there are two of them centered on 19.5 north and south and three more running north-south through strategic longitudes. When did he first bring longitude into the picture, anyway?

It's also more than a little disingenuous if he always works with margins of error that large, yet always claims on Coast to Coast that a given phenomenon is "right at 19.5, George".

James Concannon said...

The first time I recall RCH dealing the longitude card was for Deepwater Horizon, April 2010. This blog commented.

Chris Lopes said...


That margin of error is another clue that he knows he's full of it. Since he can't explain where the margin of error came from (besides his anal orifice), he has to know that it renders his conclusion useless too. You can't say something rises above the statistical noise if you have no way of telling what constitutes statistical noise in the first place. Even calling what he does a wild ass guess would be giving him too much credit. Hoagland (who has hung out with real scientists enough to at least sound like one) can't avoid being aware this flaw in his reasoning.

strahlungsamt said...

OK. This pisses me off more than anything else this f***face has done.

I have friends in Japan who I was concerned about when the quake hit. I remember the papers screaming "Meltdown", when in fact no actual meltdown actually happened.
Now Hoagwash and pals come along claiming the quake was caused by the HAARP project and Hyperdimensional nonsense, which sadly a lot of people believe. Not to mention accusing the Red Cross of profiting from it somehow.

Look, at a time like that, we need FACTS!!! Not some bullshitty quasi-pseudo-crap. I really hope Hogwash and Bara owe money to some Russian mobster named Vlad and that Vlad makes a house call some day soon.

Biological_Unit said...

There should have been more damage from the Earthquake! A 9.0 is a crazy amount of shaking. There have only been a handful EVER!

Biological_Unit said...

no actual meltdown actually happened

There is a 12 Mile exclusion zone in effect basically forever. It is allegedly 6 times as toxic as Chernobyl.

Chris Lopes said...

I seem to remember Hoagland having a rather heated conversation with someone on his FB page about that. It was very much a "how dare you question my motives and actions" kind of thing which had the ever popular "do you work for free?" proclamation. It's funny how defensive Hoagie gets when it comes to his financial stake in this nonsense.