Monday, January 24, 2011

More lousy math from Hoagland

Post withdrawn. I was wrong.


Chris Lopes said...

Expat, the odds are Hoagland didn't bother checking any that stuff. For one thing, it really isn't his thing (as we have seen). For another, it not being true wouldn't bother him as long as he figured he could get away with it. He is counting on his fans being as mathematically incompetent and lazy as he is.

Anonymous said...

expat said...

Thanks, anon. I'm always willing to admit my mistakes.

Chris Lopes said...

Expat, I'm a bit disappointed. Obviously, Anonymous is a paid dis-info agent who is working for a vast and ancient conspiracy who is trying to keep us all from the truth. Why you so naively took his criticism seriously I'll never know. And please spare me the old "because he happened to be right" excuse. Not even Hoagland would fall for that. :)

Biological_Unit said...

Educators teach assumed math, but are too
damn dumb, stupid and evil to know that
until Word is cornered, Math is fictitious.
Academic/Religious Word is a fictitious
Trojan Horse and the most efficient form
of human enslavement ever concocted by
"Singularity Brotherhood of Bastardism".
I INVOKE a CURSE upon the educators
that their students will awake from their
academic induced stupor & seek revenge.